Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hau'oli la Hanau

The Hawaiian Islands have nothing on the Sanders Family Backyard, as it was transformed into an island Paradise to celebrate Candice Mac Isaac Sanders 30th Birthday. Bill, Kay, Bill, Kim, Logan, Billy, Aubrey, Brad and a tad bit of help from Laurie & Mark the Birthday Party of the year was a huge success. Everyone was all hands on deck for decorations with tons of behind the scene planning by Kay and Kim. But whats a party if the crowd doesn't come and we built and they came. We loved having such a wonderful happy group together to celebrate the birthday of this special young lady. Our senses were treated to vivid Island colors, delicious cuisine, breathing taking entertainment, and of the course good friends and family. I could go on but I want to let the pictures do the talking. We are so blessed with wonderful family, friends and an abundance of life. Mahalo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

While Mom and Dad Are Away

Well its true our Mother and Father have been married for 10 years. Happy, blissful wonderful 10 years and have us four wonderful good looking and humble kids to show for 10 years of devotion. So while they went on a long over due overnight romantical evening, we got to play with Nonie and Grandpa. Not a bad deal !

Monday, May 11, 2009

One Proud Family

I am sure our Mothers Day News made the headlines.....but in case you haven't heard our little baby boy, well our oldest son Billy gave a talk in sacrament on Mothers Day. Billy's fans came out in record numbers the entire Granada Ward, his Grandparents on both sides, his great grandmothers Darlene, his cousins and of course the President....well the Stake President. Billy looked handsome as his beaming Father in his suit and tie. He did a wonderful job..spoke like a future Bishop, strong , confident and funny at the right times. When he finished the crowd went wild with cheers of approval, pom poms waving, and confetti flying. Fine it ended with loud amens but I know there were silent cheers in the audience and in heaven above. Across town in Henderson my dear sister Katie's kids were standing on their stage belting out Mothers Day Songs. In fact I am sure cousins all over the Unties States were all singing those great songs. After listening to our group and hearing Katie's stories I am positive that all the little grandchildren will become opera singers just like their Nonnie. It was a special day start to finish and of course the men in our life did a fantastic job of honoring mothers and teaching our children how to carry on this rich tradition.